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Contentor is a modern translation agency with its roots in e-commerce. We help online retailers and companies that sell services online get good translations.

We are a translation agency that offers:

  • A large pool of employees consisting of over 200 translators who provide us both breadth and expertise as well as affordability.
  • All translators are specially trained in SEO and online marketing.
  • As a customer, you always have your contact person in our company. We take care of the proofreading and ensure that your requirements are met.
  • We specialise in large translations of 100 000 words and more.
  • All of this at a price that is well below the one that traditional translation agencies offer.
  • Satisfied customers all over Europe whether you are in Germany, Spain, England or Poland.


If you want to learn more about how we work with web content for various companies, read more about project and clients. There we review the cases and challenges we faced as well as the range of translations and texts that we have worked with.

Read more about our projects and clients
Rebecca Brodd - CEO
Rebecca Brodd - CEO
"It's important to me that our customers can rely on us - we often work with languages that our customers are not accustomed with and cannot manage themselves. It is also important that the customers are satisfied with us as a translation agency. We are happy to provide personal service at one of our offices in Stockholm, Helsingborg or Berlin. "
Karsten Deppert - Marketing Director
Karsten Deppert - Marketing Director
"For me it is important that our customers get the right help. We are a translation agency that cares about your texts being good, for both readers as well as search engines."

A translation agency specialising in texts for the web

We are a translation agency that has extensive experience in translations for e-commerce. Our approach is designed for high volumes and e-commerce needs: we work with a lot of translators, most of which are on an hourly basis. All, however, are trained in SEO and online marketing. We as well proofread all our texts. Our approach means that we are able to cover a lot of different subject areas, languages, and offer very competitive prices.

We have built the company with a focus on management of large projects and the growing online- and e-commerce market. This means that we do not have high fixed costs but rather a flexible structure, and can thus offer competitive prices, which we know is important when it comes to large volumes.

Learn more about how we work and who we are here.

We have our offices in Stockholm, Helsingborg and Berlin. Our customers come from all over Nordic countries and Europe - we are proud to be the preferred translation agency!