We at Contentor specialise in webcontent and translations in European languages. Through our huge network of writers and translators we get the right quality at low prices.


100% satisfaction guarantee

We want all our customers to be satisfied. That is why we guarantee that you only pay for what you’re satisfied with. If you feel that articles do not live up to the level of the test article, we will do our best to fix it, in case you still feel that it doesn’t work, it shouldn’t cost you anything.

Articles are checked on the web for plagiarism

This is done through Copyscape, a site that verifies that the article isn’t similar to one already existing online.


It's not just about simple translation, but it is also about localisation

Our translators are native speakers and are aware of language differences and nuances. This way we make sure that the texts we produce are put into the right context for the required language and audience.

We have confidentiality

We never reveal what customers we have or what kind of assignments we’re working on unless we have your permission. You can get your news, blogs and similar written without it ever being known that Contentor’s writers are the writers behind them.


All articles are proofread by a dedicated proofreader

So that you as a customer won't have to worry about linguistic errors, all the articles are proofread before they’re sent to you.

We’re flexible

We can solve most requests and issues. No custom solutions have been denied so far since the start in 2008. On the contrary, we think it’s exciting to challenge our own limitations and develop better routines and systems.

Current Projects

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